So, you’ve researched your entertainment and you’ve possibly narrowed it down to 2 or 3 companies. Typically, most are looking for price and someone that can play music, right? Of course! It’s perfectly normal to lead with those intentions when looking for your wedding entertainment. This is probably the first and only time you’ve had to hire a DJ.

The one important aspect of searching that’s usually overlooked is the Master of Ceremonies duties (the M.C.). I hear couples all the time at our consultations say that they went to a wedding where the music was great, but the DJ’s mic skills and ability to connect with the guests were poor. Why? Because they’ve had no formal MC training. To some, this comes naturally, but most need some type of public speaking or MC skills workshop to master their craft. I personally have over 250 hours of training as a Master of Ceremonies and over 20 years of experience implementing this at weddings.

Wedding Entertainment Director & DJ – Peter Merry, a leader in the wedding industry and author of the book “The Best Wedding Reception Ever!” says it perfectly – “As the MC, you are the spokesperson for the bride & groom”. An M.C. represents your style, controls the flow, and manages your vision.

So what specifically do they do? Here’s a list of 5 important responsibilities of an M.C.:

~ Guest direction (announcing where, when, how, and what to do)

~ Introductions (announcing wedding party, bride & groom, and others throughout the night)

~ Surroundings (letting guests know where the guest book, place cards, buffet, and more are)

~ Personality (An MC brings a style or personality that sets the tone right from the beginning)

~ Hype Man (In some wedding cases a hype man can pump up the crowd during dancing)


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